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BriteGrip was designed by a team of tradesmen turned entrepreneurs. They were looking for a high-powered, comfortable and efficient way to do detailed work in dark or tight spaces. They were tired of nicking their hands when trying to navigate tight spaces, like installing electronics or doing work under the hood. Trades companies are buying these in batches for their workers safety, convenience and efficiency.

Use BriteGrip at Home or Work

Detailed work in dark or tight spaces can be frustrating. Put complicated lighting set up behind you, be safe with a well-environment and don’t worry about a bit of water. It’s good for all kinds of weather conditions. Just place BriteGrip on your dominant hand. Adjust using the wristband and switch on the light. You’ll feel the difference with BriteGrip’s comfortable, lightweight design.

Why BriteGrip?

BriteGrip has been meticulously manufactured for tradespeople on the job. It’s durable and lightweight material is built to last. It’s designed to make your task quick and efficient providing powerful LED light at your fingertips. Never fiddle around with hanging lights, flood lamps or flashlights again. That’s why we're offering a 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee for one low price, today. If you decide it’s not for you give us a call anytime.

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Our customer service team is highly trained to serve and provide you with the best knowledge and information about your new purchase. We are here to advise and assist you on all your BriteGrip related issues.

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